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No more lost Romani and Traveller generations


Driton Berisha is a champion of Roma inclusion from Kosovo. A trailblazer in the Kosovo Roma-Ashkali-Egyptian Early Years Networks (KRAEEYN) and a participant of Global Leaders program building leadership capacities among early childhood advocates for Romani children.  Driton is also the father of Nihada (7), Shaban (5), and Nihad (3). It has been nine years […]

Children at an International Step by Step school in Romania. (ISSA/John McConnico)

 The 80-percent-in-poverty figure that dominated most of the media headlines about recent Roma survey conducted by the Fundamental Rights Agency (FRA). Clearly the share of Roma families at risk of poverty is striking, but is it really the most concerning finding of the study? Last week we wrote about the FRA findings, sharing our concerns […]

Children at an International Step by Step school in Romania. (ISSA/John McConnico)

Earlier this week, the European Union’s Fundamental Rights Agency (FRA) published a report showing that only half of Romani children attend early childhood education. This is rather alarming as such, but what is even more important is that it only took into account children attending preschool (four years of age to age of compulsory education). […]

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JOINT STATEMENT by 21 European and National Roma, Pro Roma and Public Health organisations   Europe is facing a Roma public health emergency: We, the undersigned organisations are extremely concerned about the alarming health situation of the Roma[1] in Europe and the lack of awareness and actions concerning their situation. It is unacceptable and unfair […]


Not so long ago we were amazed when a cover of The Economist was linked to one of the key articles titled: How to make a good teacher. The blog we published on that occasion opened with a reflection of how rarely a topic of quality of education, unless it is linked to a scandal, […]