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No more lost Romani and Traveller generations


Nine years have passed since the Czech Republic was found guilty for segregating Romani children into special schools. In its judgment, labeled by many as groundbreaking, the European Court of Human Rights put segregation outside legal boundaries and thus prohibited it in all Council of Europe member states. In reality, every September hundreds of thousands […]

He is 10 years old and smiling proudly: ‘I can read!’  He has just read his first reading card. The card consists of a short story made up of a few simple sentences. This is enough to give him the experience of reading and the motivation to learn more letters in order to read more. […]


Recently covers of The Economist magazine have been typically powerful. Brexit, US presidential candidates, China’s leader, the war in Syria, Europe’s threat from terrorism, North Korea’s nuclear program, freedom of speech and… how to make a good teacher, to name just a few. The issue published on 11th June 2016 present a child’s drawing of […]

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The Foundation for Education and Cultural Initiatives “Step by Step” in cooperation with local NGOs Nadez and Dendo Vas on May 17 officially launched a new project – Roma Empowerment and Awareness for Democracy through Education Project (READE). The project is financially supported by the European Union and the Open Society Foundations. The official launch […]

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With the birth of my son fast approaching, I frequently find myself thinking about what I lacked as a child. I often read books about heroes and was sad when none of them looked like me. The boys I accompanied on their adventures were all light-skinned; different from me – a brown-skinned boy from a […]