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No more lost Romani and Traveller generations

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In 2007, after my university studies and a short experience of working in a segregated Roma community in Slovakia, I started my internship at the Budapest-based European Roma Rights Centre. Among my very first tasks was being sent on a mission to Rome to map the situation of Roma, seeking better living conditions, who were arriving […]

REYN Co-ordinator Stanislav Daniel and Stanislav Daniel Junior

On the 6 month anniversary of the birth of his son, Stanislav Daniel Junior, REYN Co-ordinator, Stanislav Daniel reflects on what it means to be a parent standing up for your rights.   A year ago we published a blog post about the legacy of D.H. and Others v. the Czech Republic, the case that […]

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The Foundation for Education and Cultural Initiatives “Step by Step” in cooperation with local NGOs Nadez and Dendo Vas on May 17 officially launched a new project – Roma Empowerment and Awareness for Democracy through Education Project (READE). The project is financially supported by the European Union and the Open Society Foundations. The official launch […]

Roma children in school

As a Romani child growing up in 1980s in Slovakia, I did not get to choose my identities. They were clearly given and being Roma was not one of them. We were gypsies – with low g. And gypsies were not supposed to have culture, history or even language. At least not one worth preserving. […]

A preschool class in the Roma settlement of Ponorata, Romania, on September 10, 2013.

PONORATA, ROMANIA - SEPTEMBER 10:  Maria Gheorghiu, co-founder of the Romanian NGO OvidiuRo, teaches young Roma children in the pre-school class in the abjectly poor Roma settlement of Ponorata on September 10, 2013 in Ponorata, Romania. OvidiuRo is attempting to get young Roma children to regularly attend pre-school through a coupon incentive system for food at Ponorata and 23 other Roma communities across Romania. Between 400 and 500 Roma live in squalor at Ponorata, few have access to electricity and 95% of them are illiterate and unemployed. Many Roma from Ponorata have spent time in France to earn money, mostly through begging and scrap metal collection.  (Photo by Sean Gallup/Getty Images)

“Forced immersion in the majority language instruction is failing children, particularly ethnic minorities” “Education should start from the known and go to the unknown. Instead, the education system is starting from the unknown” “It’s very difficult to pick up abstract concepts in a foreign language.” Htin Zaw, Senior Public Relationship Officer, NGO Shalom Foundation, Myanmar […]