Romani Early Years Network – REYN

No more lost Romani and Traveller generations

We are happy to announce that Open Society Foundations launched a call for proposals for the establishment of REYN National Networks in Romania and Bulgaria. The call for proposal aims to set up and establish one national network (one REYN) in Romania and one national network (one REYN) in Bulgaria as a further step in: advocating for […]

ASSOC 21 Dreams

In 2007, after my university studies and a short experience of working in a segregated Roma community in Slovakia, I started my internship at the Budapest-based European Roma Rights Centre. Among my very first tasks was being sent on a mission to Rome to map the situation of Roma, seeking better living conditions, who were arriving […]


ISSA is delighted to welcome a new Program Manager and REYN coordinator Stanislav Daniel. You can read Stanislav’s biography on ISSA’s website And his first contribution to the REYN blog below Books change lives, including their own Some weeks ago I had a chance to attend an international training in use of the living libraries, […]

REYN Croatia

Good stories from REYN Croatia: this video tells about an experience of inclusion in kindergarten “Kosjenka” in the town of Vinkovci.

REYN Kosovo

REYN Kosovo National Coordinator Albulena Zaimi describes REYN efforts to provide Roma, Ashkali and Egyptian children in the region with equitable access to early childhood education .