Romani Early Years Network – REYN

No more lost Romani and Traveller generations

REYN Co-ordinator Stanislav Daniel and Stanislav Daniel Junior

On the 6 month anniversary of the birth of his son, Stanislav Daniel Junior, REYN Co-ordinator, Stanislav Daniel reflects on what it means to be a parent standing up for your rights.   A year ago we published a blog post about the legacy of D.H. and Others v. the Czech Republic, the case that […]


REYN was represented at the recent DECET conference ‘No Quality without Equality’ in Birmingham, UK. Asja Korbar From REYN Croatia and Colette Murray from TREYN Ireland reflect on the insights gathered there.

This week the Council of Ministers adopted a recommendation on effective Roma integration measures. All 28 European Union Member States committed to implementing a set of recommendations, proposed by the European Commission, to step up the economic and social integration of Roma communities. The Council Recommendation was adopted unanimously by ministers less than six months […] How are the Open Society Foundations working with Roma to support change? Visit the new Roma Explainer on the Foundations’ website and take a few minutes to watch our new video, “Roma, A New Generation.” Follow the Roma Initiatives Office on Facebook at Source of information: OSF – Roma Initiatives Office The Hungarian civil society organization UCCU Roma Informal Education Foundation recently launched a campaign film designed to raise awareness and encourage discussion on the issue of inclusive education in Hungary. The film offers an accessible way into the subject, and aims to combat the attitudes and prejudices that have resulted in a segregated and […]