Romani Early Years Network – REYN

No more lost Romani and Traveller generations

Dear Romani Early Years Network member, Here we come with new professional development opportunity! We strongly believe that by connecting our best experiences and learning from each other, we can make a difference for all Romani and Traveller children and their families. We are pleased to announce that during December 2nd to December 6th, REYN, […]

Investing in the continuous professional development of the network’s members is one of the main objectives of REYN. We strongly believe that all professionals working with Romani children and their families need to commit themselves to lifelong learning for improving their competences in order to be able to make a difference in the lives of […]

A new publication has been released recently by UNDP entitled as ‘Roma Education in Comparative Perspective’, based on the findings from the UNDP/World Bank/EC regional survey. Among other findings, the report shed light on the low-preschool attendance of Roma students in the CEE region, and on how it contributes to long-term disadvantages and to the […]

When I was eleven years old my mother decided to open a private nursery school, that would provide places for children and infants from 2 – 5. These children would mostly be referred from the local municipal social services, the most needy and disadvantaged, some ‘at risk’. Not so unusual you might think, except for […]

One of the key arguments connected with Early Childhood Development (ECD) is that the impact upon children from the earliest point (and the earlier the more effective, according to the Nobel prize-winning economist, Prof. James Heckman), is crucial if a real change is to be made in terms of improvements in life opportunities and human […]